The term “detox” is thrown around a lot, but there’s little mention of what actually happens when the detoxification process gets going, how it works and what’s important to know.  Sure, a detox is when your body starts to kick the toxins out, but how does it work and what’s the best way to go about it?

We’re going to explore this idea today, giving you some insight into detoxing and how it can relate to weight loss and better health. Hopefully, the ideas below can help you on your way toward health and wellness. 

Let’s get started:

How Does Detoxification Work?

Toxins, in this case, are components of our intake (crap in our diet, crap in our environment, crap in our air) that don’t belong there in the first place. Our bodies can’t use them effectively, and they typically pose some kind of threat to our health if we keep filtering them through our bodies and letting them build.Our bodies do a good job of filtering through unnecessary toxins. The kidneys, liver, and colon work to cleanse us of these toxins, but they don’t always get the entire job done. They used to, 50 years ago, when we weren’t bombarded with so many every day!

The body’s natural process is less effective and uses more energy if we continuously push processed and unhealthy food through our bodies. Most detox programs either work by eliminating certain foods from a person’s diet OR  consuming products that are thought to enhance our natural detoxification functions - sometimes both!

Common Detox Methods

A brief scan around the web will put you in touch with dozens, if not hundreds of detoxification methods. Don’t worry we tried them all so you don’t have to! Many different options aim to cleanse the body of specific toxins or achieve particular goals, although there aren’t a lot of scientific studies to prove some of these methods. 

Detoxes tend to start out with a short period of fasting. This could be some amount of time from 1 to 3 days, although it’s important to speak with a physician before you try any fasting as it may or may not be right for you. 

Fasting can be a great way to stimulate your internal organs and prompt them to work through the toxins your body may be holding. Fasting prevents your body from running on new foods, so it’s forced to work with what’s stored. Toxins that weren’t initially processed tend to be stored up in fat and other deposits. 

Next, the person should only have natural foods, a good deal of water, or herbal teas. Following the period of fasting, that person might only eat certain foods. 

Other options might include using supplements, saunas, and meditation. 



Do Standard Detoxes Work for Weight Loss?

A brief detox period might lead to some weight loss at first. This could be from the fact that your body is working off fat stores that typically sit in reserves, waiting to be used. 

While there isn’t too much initial weight loss as the result of a cleanse, a big component of the process is the fact that you’re intentionally breaking your dietary routines. Our eating habits contribute a great deal to our bodies and their various toxins.When you cut the habit and realize how you feel as a result, you might have a clearer idea of how unhealthy and processed foods are affecting you. This could lead to further weight loss as a result of your changed perspective. 

That said, depending on the length of your detox period, you could see more or less weight loss according to your body type. The best weight-loss detoxification comes when you work on a program that combines dietary changes, doctor supervision, and continued effort. 

How to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

It would be nice if our lives provided easy routes to avoid toxins completely. In a perfect world, all food would be healthy and toxin-free, and the products we regularly use wouldn’t contain heavy metals or contaminants. 

That’s not the world we live in, unfortunately, so we have to be a little more vigilant to keep our bodies in check. One way to do just that is to make the switch to clean, unprocessed foods, organic when possible. 

There’s a myriad of health benefits that come from making the switch to an unprocessed, healthy diet. One of those benefits, though, is the fact that just a week of clean eating can reduce your toxin levels significantly. You’ll be consuming foods that don’t have a laundry list of unpronounceable words, and your intake of pesticides will diminish. You’ll also find a number of toxins in household cleaning products, cosmetics, antiperspirants, and more. It’d be nearly impossible to vet your home for all of the toxins that make their way in through food and other products. Your best bet is to always opt for the natural product and make the habit of consuming clean foods or working with a program like Ascend Slim that incorporates a detox period with substantial changes to your diet and medical supervision. 



The Best Route to Weight Loss

If weight loss is your reason for seeking out detoxification information, you’re not off the mark. Detox is a great way to kickstart your weight loss effort and get your body and mind into the optimal state for making changes to your lifestyle and body. It becomes a lot easier for a long term goal when you start with a short term goal! 

The lasting success, though, comes when you pair your detox with a meaningful program that helps you adjust your dietary habits toward healthier ones. The most effective programs are those that work on a personal level, including insight from medical professionals who can determine the healthiest way for you to make the changes. 

Individuals with health conditions might find that processes like fasting or making strict changes to your diet contribute to worsening symptoms or issues. Those are all things that can be avoided with the help of doctors and a closely monitored program tailored to your needs. 

Want to Learn More about Detox Methods?

Learning more about detoxification is the first step toward making healthier life changes and losing weight. We’re here to help you make your next steps and find an effective method for losing weight and keeping it off. Explore our site to learn more about Ascend Slim  and how you might be able to use it to get the results that you’re waiting for.  

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