There are many factors that affect your weight including your genes, your age, your sex, your ethnic background, your lifestyle, your sleep, and your physical activity.

For some, weight loss can be challenging with diet and exercise alone. With age comes stubborn fat that is difficult to get rid of and with a family history of obesity, it can make losing weight feel impossible. 

We have worked with patients from ALL walks of life! Our Ascend Slim program is a revolutionary weight loss program that can help you lose weight safely. We’ve got reviews from real clients who reached their weight loss goals with this effective program. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Ascend Slim for weight loss and how you can get the results you desire. 

What Is Ascend Slim? 

Ascend Slim is a weight loss program that uses supplement drops, personalized recommendations, and medical supervision to help you achieve results. 

The program lasts six weeks and features an anti-inflammatory diet for patients to follow. We have patients tell us it is one of the simplest plans they have ever tried! There are also free workout videos for patients in the program, although exercise is not mandatory while participating in Ascend Slim. Many Ascend clients have seen success with the program, shedding 20-35 pounds throughout the course of the 42 days! 

How Does Ascend Slim Work? 

Once you are approved (we go over your health history, medications, goals, etc!), the team will take your measurements in eight different areas of your body to track the progress of your body fat loss.  Women average around 2.5 to 3 dress sizes.  This will allow you to see results in specific areas of your body!

A major part of the Ascend Slim Program is helping to reset your body’s mass index (BMI), as well as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Afterward, doctors prepare a maintenance plan that is tailored to your BMI and BMR. 

Your doctor will track your progress weekly but we also have you track and share your daily progress with the team. That includes your weight, what you ate, and how much water you got in! This helps us understand how your days are going, but it helps give you an accountability partner. 

Over the course of six weeks, the Ascend Slim program aims to target three different areas of weight loss. That includes decreasing your appetite, improving your metabolism, and burning more fat. These three are achieved with the supplement drops, the approved diet, and support from the team. No injections, no pre-packaged meals, bars, etc! 

After the program, there is a maintenance period that helps you sustain your weight loss with the assistance of medical staff. This is one of my favorite parts of Ascend Slim - people keep the weight off! 

Ascend Slim Reviews: What Ascend Patients Are Saying

There is a lot of buzz around The Ascend Slim Weight Loss Program. Many previous clients have shown results and are able to maintain their goal weight long after the program is over. With several different components of the program, we are here to help you along every step of the way to your goals. 

While individual results will vary, here are some results from our Ascend clients!


Maddy lost a total of 27 pounds. She bought new clothes and she feels motivated to exercise. She finally feels that her body is in a place to allow her to be physically active and maintain her goal weight. 


After just two weeks into the program, Rob began to see results and was down 15 pounds. The immediate results gave him the motivation to keep going with the program. He felt strong enough to exercise and began light workouts just after two weeks in the program. Rob started his journey at 227 pounds and finished strong at 202 pounds. 


Throughout the program, Sharlie lost 36 pounds. During the maintenance part of the program, she lost an additional 36 pounds and she has managed to keep the weight off. Sharlie shares that the accountability and support from the Ascend team helped her reach her weight loss goals. Documenting her eating and her steps, and logging her weight each day on our app was great encouragement and motivation. 

These are some of the clients who saw successful results with the Ascend Slim program. Be sure to check out even more reviews on our success stories page:

This program is considered an investment in your health. Not only can this help save your money in the long run, but it can also spare you from health conditions in the future!

We can’t wait to help get you started - just give us a call and let’s get going towards a healthier you! 

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