If you have been using the ChiroThin weight loss program to slim down, you deserve a reward! But wait! Before you head to the all-you-can-eat buffet to celebrate, have you considered non-food-related rewards?


Do you need help finding and choosing weight loss goals ideas? If you are used to deriving pleasure from what you eat, this can be a major shift in thinking. After all, how many of us grow up going to the ice cream parlor or fast-food restaurant to reward a job well done? 


Read on to learn about a few different ways to look at meeting your goals, along with several non-food rewards to keep you motivated! 

1. Don’t Break the Chain One of the hardest parts of weight loss with ChiroThin isn’t stepping onto the scale. The day-to-day struggle of staying within your calorie goal for weight loss can often be even more challenging. When you’re surrounded by temptations, it can be so easy to sneak that extra cookie at bedtime and put yourself over for the day.

A great way to stay on track is using a “Don’t Break The Chain” chart. This is a little bit different than a weight loss goal chart because the focus won’t be on a number. It’s intended to help you build positive routines.

In essence, create a chart on a sheet of graph paper and put an X in the box for each day that you go to bed in a caloric deficit. Once you begin forming a uniform row of X’s, the idea of having to skip a box might be the thing that encourages you to set the cookie back down!

This will reward you in two ways. The first reward will be purely psychological. Each time you put an X in the box you’ll experience an endorphin hit, which will activate the pleasure centers in your brain. 

The second reward can be more tangible. Assign a self-care or pampering task to each row of X’s on your sheet of graph paper. Each time you complete a row, you can treat yourself to a reward that will help you relax, rejuvenate, and feel better!

Consider the following non-food self-care rewards:

● Mani-pedi 

● A new nourishing face mask

● Get a lash lift

● A new book for the bubble bath

● A massage at a local spa

● A trendy haircut 

It’s easy to stay within your calorie budget when you have a day of pampering to look forward to! Choose rewards that are likely to keep you motivated, and don’t be afraid to make your chart pretty! 

2. One Size Down Is your reason for losing weight with ChiroThin related to an event like a wedding? If so, you understand how motivating fitting into a gorgeous dress can be! Why wait until you’re walking down the aisle to use a cute outfit to motivate you to hit all your weight loss goals?

Go out to the mall or your favorite boutique and buy yourself the outfit of your dreams. Maybe it’s a gorgeous dress that normally wouldn’t be in the budget. Maybe it’s a brand-new pair of jeans.

The catch? Buy them one size smaller than you currently wear! Hang your dream outfit where you can see it. Remember, women lose between 2 1/2 – 3 dress sizes.

It can be frustrating to watch the scale and know your body is changing even when the numbers won’t. Even so, your measurements are likely shifting. Fitting into a smaller size will show you that your hard work is paying off and reward you at the same time! 

3. Enjoy Your Endorphins If you’re on a ChiroThin weight loss journey, you’ve probably made room in your life for extra movement. This looks different for everyone, depending on how sedentary you were before you began to lose weight. Maybe you have been going to the gym, or perhaps you’re using a rebounder each night while you watch your favorite shows. 

Either way, there is probably room in your life for some new fitness-related gear. Investing in workout clothes, tech, and equipment can be expensive if you do it all at once. Using these things as rewards is a great way to build a collection while you meet your goals!

A few ideas for fitness-related rewards might be:

● A new pair of wireless headphones

● A fitness watch or tracker

● A subscription to a music streaming service

● The next set of weights or kettlebells

● A cute pair of leggings

● A new yoga mat

● Fancy running shoes

The stronger you become, the more motivated you will be to work out. Even so, having another factor to work toward can help keep you focused! Fitness-related rewards are a great way to mix up your routine! 

4. Join the Selfie Squad You often can’t see your weight loss clearly while it’s happening. So many people who have gone through a weight loss journey using ChiroThin recommend taking photos throughout the process. It may seem scary to document your body at the beginning of the journey, but the progress pics will be worth it!

If you have set realistic weight loss goals, then it might take you a while to slim down. Consider rewarding yourself with a cute, self-indulgent selfie for every two, five, or ten pounds lost. The final reward will be in the form of an incredible series of before-and-after pictures that will forever prove that you are capable of doing incredible things! 

5. Get Away! Who doesn’t love a change of scenery? Sometimes the best reward is a change in your routine. Whether it’s a staycation filled with your favorite local tasks or a trip out of town, you will feel refreshed and encouraged to get back to the grind and meet your goals. 

Need an extra dose of motivation? Take a trip to see a friend or relative that you haven’t seen in a while. There is nothing more inspiring than having someone you love remark about your slimmer physique and commend you on your hard work! 


Weight Loss Goals Ideas From ChiroThin

Losing weight with ChiroThin is its own reward, but sometimes you need a little boost to keep you going! Put these weight loss goals ideas into practice today and you will be amazed by your progress!

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